Setting up Tortoise in Windows

SVN can be accessed via TortoiseSVN on CSC's Windows computers. TortoiseSVN works via the right click context menu in Windows Explorer. If it doesn't show up when you right click a file or folder, you have to run "Add Tortoise Shellextensions", which is found under Start->Programs->TortoiseSVN.

Importing your project to SVN

  1. Move to the directory containing your project (should include the debug folder and a folder named after your project containing the source code)
  2. Rename the folder containing the source code to project-name.bak
  3. Create a new folder with the same name as the project.
  4. Copy the estimate.txt file into the new folder.
  5. Right click on the new folder and choose: TortoiseSVN -> Import.
  6. Add the path to your svn repository in the URL field and finish it of with the following folder names trunk/dgi11/project-name
    It should look something like this:
  7. Hit OK. Your file is now version controled.
  8. Remove the folder you just added to SVN.
  9. Right click in the folder and choose SVN Checkout all options should already be set and you should be able to just hit OK.
  10. You should now have a folder that is fully version controled in your project folder named the same as your project.
  11. Enter the backup folder (project-name.bak) and copy all files except estimate.txt.
  12. Paste the files into version controled folder.
  13. Now you have to add all files, except the c++, header and txt files, to the ignore list.
  14. This is done by right clicking on them and selecting: Add to ignore list -> file name. These files will now not be commited to the svn, saving space.
  15. Move out of the source folder and right click on it choosing: SVN Commit...
  16. Check all files that should be commited (in this case every file if you have added the unnesesary ones to the ignore list)

Done! Your project should now be version controlled and still work in Visual Studio.

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