Roberto Bresin

Professor of Media Technology

Roberto Bresin conducts research in sound and music. This is a very multidisciplinary field that encompasses the entire chain of sound and music communication. A number of different methods and disciplines spanning over both the sciences and humanities are used in the research.
Bresin and his research team investigate the basic principles that define the connection between perception and action. It is these principles that enable man-machine interaction based on sound, and its interaction with other senses, such as hearing, vision, movement and touch/haptics. The research results have applications in the design of new ways to use sound in interaction with our senses.
The research addresses the communication of emotions in music, and how they can be encoded to manipulate acoustic parameters like tempo, volume and articulation. Bresin also studies sound design, the reproduction of information using sound. Sound design is used by the research team for example to give feedback in real time to elite athletes about their movements, to express qualities in the motions of dancers and to study children’s movements. Part of the research has also yielded results in the form of permanent interactive installations in museums like Tom Tits Experiment in Södertälje.

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