Stefan Hrastinski

Professor of Media Technology

The subject of media technology is multidisciplinary and encompasses technologies and methods to support human communication. Stefan Hrastinski is primarily interested in how the Internet can be used to support education and learning.
Stefan Hrastinski and his research team investigate how different applications of the Internet can be used and developed to create social learning environments where communication and collaboration are encouraged. Within this area of research, not only the teacher is seen as a source of knowledge, but the course participants are as well. Questions that the research seeks to answer include: How can learning environments be created using the Internet where the participants feel active and learn from each other? How can participants get help in their learning where and when the need arises?
One example is the national Math Coach project, where teaching students supervise school students in mathematics over the Internet. The research team is responsible for research and development, which includes the development of a technical platform and educational methods for supervision.
Hrastinski’s research team consists of a mix of people from different backgrounds and both technical and educational expertise. The team collaborates with schools, universities, companies, authorities and municipalities.

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