The visualization studio can be booked both internally within KTH as well as by external partners. It is possible to rent the studio for public use outside of research and studies, for example for presentations and events. During rental, technical assistance for the studio's equipment is included.

For students, bookings are made through the studio's web booking system. Contact Björn Thuresson or Robin Palmberg to place a booking. Through the booking system you ca also see when the studio is booked and when it is available.

If you as a student are working on a course that is being given at the studio you can often work freely in the studio when it is unbooked - you just come by and knock on the door to get access to the space. By placing a booking you however ensure that there aren't any unforseen conflicts.


If you are holding a presentation with a slide show in the visualization studio it can be good to to prepare a bit extra. Foremost it is important to think of the physical space that the presentation will be given in. A sitting audience will obscure parts of the screen space of the slide show, which makes it appropriate to avoid placing text on the slide show's bottom quarter.

The screen that the slide show will be played on is around 4 meters by 2.4 meters, and has a resolution of 4096 pixels by 2400 pixels. In other words it is advantageous to include high resolution images. See our PowerPoint template for slide shows in the visualization studio for a practical example. The studio has a presentation clicker available to use.

If the presenter uses her own computer, it should be tested as early as possible before the presentation to avoid technical issues.


The visualization studio is also available for rent in internal KTH activites or to external companies and organizations. All rental includes on-site support from the studio's staff and help with the studio's techology.

  • Internal rental has a fee of 1400 SEK per hour.
  • External rental has a fee of 2000 SEK per hour.

Contact  Björn Thuresson or  Henrik Edlund to place a booking.

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