The VIC studio houses a large number of different technologies and technology platforms to illustrate, and interact with, different types of data. All equipment can be connected to use the technology in full, or to create new experiment situations.

The main purpose of this compilation of technology housed in the VIC studio is to make it possible to build dynamic situations quickly and easily. With the equipment available in the studio it is possible to send all signals from all units to an optional physical place in the room. The signals can quickly be mixed and routed according to requirements.

This is the main equipment at the VIC studio:

4K screen, back-projectioned

Two JVC D-ILA 4K projectors
Projecting onto a glass screen from Stewart

4K stereoscopics system, Infitec Plus

Stereo filter installed on two discreet projectors
Passive stereoscopics
Filter based system

Visualization server

2x Quadro FX 5800 GPU
Gsync II card

Microsoft Surface multitouch table
Eye tracking unit, Tobii x50 (only Clearview licence)
Yamaha DM1000 sound mixer
7.1 louspeaker set

Yamaha amplifier

Haptics unit
Equipment for video communication
NVidia stereoscopics system
Stereoscopic TV system, Samsung

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