Small visionary projects 2016 - multidisciplinary research

Small visionary projects is one step in Danica Kragic's aim of increasing the collaboration between different departments at the school. Danica is ”dean of research" with responsibility for the research at the CSC school. She hopes the drive will help bring in increased research funding from Vinnova and the EU.

One purpose of the small visionary projects is to enable multidisciplinary research. Researchers from different departments at the CSC school collaborate to make use of each other's competencies. One requirement to receive project funding is to include two researchers from at least two different departments in a short term project (6-12 month).

For example, Hedvig Kjellström from Computer Vision and Active Perception Lab, CVAP, and Jonas Beskow from Speech, Music and Hearing have collaborated to produce a sign language machine.

Another purpose is to give researchers the opportunity to initiate projects without too laborious preparations and without burdening projects with too much administration. In this way these projects can work as incubators for different ideas that researchers can continue working with on a larger scale later on. (Project funding 500-600k SEK). Deadline January 31:st 2016. To application form (doc 32 kB)

Forma i luften – an outcome of the SVP

Forma i Luften explores the creative boundary between physical actions and virtual objects by allowing people to sculpt with their body the air in front of them and watch, hear, and feel the sculpture unfold. The experience incorporates visual, acoustic, and haptic elements to immerse the audience in the act of sculpting. Forma i Luften is part of Mega Mind, a permenent exhibit that opened 2015 at Tekniska Museet. It  aims at exploring creative perception and thinking in novel and digitally interactive ways.

Forma i Luften is a project created at KTH Royal Institute of Technology's  Visualization Studio under the leadership of Mario Romero and Björn Thuresson. Click here for more information or watch the video

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