Map Project

Map Project develops a global address system connecting governments and business with underserved communities affected by inadequate addresses.

4 billion people suffer from not having a adequate and precise addresses, not knowing their address or how to use it. Without an address it is difficult to exercise your civil and socio-economic rights; get access to new goods and services (e.g. financial services, insurances and eCommerce), or even explain to emergency services how to find you.

Map Project has developed a system that allows anyone to create a precise, complete and easy to use address. To businesses and organisations we provide addressing as a service. For individuals it will always be free!

Team: Karoline Beronius, Maria Cheadle, Johan Sjölander och Konstantina Pantagaki

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The right to an address

“Behind the gas station, up the hill, by the third tree on the right-hand side” – this is how directions can look to a place without an adequate address, which today affects around half of the world’s population.

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