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PECA will produce modern and professional training content ranging from micro-courses consumed via a Mobile App to Hybrid Courses made up of both online content and classroom sessions.

Due to a constantly changing world, there is a growing need for updated competencies and new expertise within Swedish Industry.

Meanwhile, Academy and other organizations host large amounts of highly valuable knowledge and useful insights. With the PECA Initiative, we are deploying a partnership-based platform to add speed and flexibility to how Professional Learning courses could be shifted between Academia and Industry. The initiative is taking off from the ICES Industry Network, hosted by the KTH Mechatronics Division. PECA will produce modern and professional training content ranging from micro-courses consumed via a Mobile App to Hybrid Courses made up of both online content and classroom sessions.

PECA is both a concept and a Pilot project being executed during 2021 together with the project partners Learnify AB and SkillEd. The project is funded by the Innovation Program PiiA and Vinnova.

PECA will be open to members from the Academy, Professional Training Companies, and Tech Industry.

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