"Ceremonies at KTH should be modern and inclusive"

For 15 years, Master of Ceremonies Anna Almlöw's motto has been “to maintain the ceremonial traditions, but ensure they keep up with the times”. Next year she hands over the baton to Hanna Sundelin, and at the moment they are both busy preparing for the conferment of new doctors an inauguration of new professors 2019. 

How can you measure the quality of research? In a new survey, productivity within Swedish research is ranked. (Photo: Adam af Ekenstam)

Small universities deliver bang for the buck

How much research do you get for your money? A new survey ranks Swedish universities in terms of the return they deliver on their revenues. Several sm...

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A close up of the film which combines nanocrystals and microlenses to capture infrared light and convert it to solar energy.

Nano technology breakthrough enables conversion of infrared light to energy

Invisible infrared light accounts for half of all solar radiation on the Earth’s surface, yet ordinary solar energy systems have limited ability in co...

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A close-up look at the system created for commercial exploitation of the THz band. (Image: James Campion)

System could unlock THz band for 5G and more

The electromagnetic spectrum that carries mobile communication is becoming like an over-crowded highway. But there’s an under-used band of spectrum th...

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