Mikael Staffas sitting in a chair in front of a glass wall
“Ever since the Bronze Age, metals have been fundamentally necessary for human social development. Today, we need metal to tackle the climate crisis. The mining industry is having a greater impact on society than ever before,” says Mikael Staffas

Boliden CEO on the mining industry and the future

Staffas, CEO of Swedish mining company Boliden, describes the prejudices against the Swedish mining sector as a long, hard uphill struggle to overcome...

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Jacob Dalton is sitting at his office in front of his computer, giving a thumb´s up.
Jacob Dalton wrote a master´s thesis on smart charging of electric vehicles. The solution has been implemented by the electricity company Tibber, where he´s now employed. Photo: Tibber

Lightning fast implementation of alumnus´master´s thesis about smart charging of electric vehicles

Two years ago Jacob Dalton completed a master´s thesis proposing how household charging of electric vehicles can be used to stabilize the power grid. ...

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Bitcoin was created in 2009 to enable payments over the Internet directly between users without the involvement of third parties. (Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT)

Bitcoin can grow in the wake of the crisis

Cryptocurrencies can get a boost in countries that have encountered an economic recession and inflation crises as a consequence of the pandemic. This ...

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