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Newsmakers at KTH

Purification of drinking water, a new method to measure the coronavirus and remote working that builds trust. These are just some of the areas where researchers from KTH have excelled recently. Several students have also come into the spotlight due to awards.

Collage with portrait of Daniel Ek, KTH logotype on brick wall, portrait of Mathias Uhlén
The KTH Innovation Award goes to entrepreneurs and innovators that have dared to think big and take on difficult challenges. Creativity, grit and courage are the words that typify this new award, that has been enabled by donations from Spotify founder Ek and KTH Professor Uhlén. Photo: Spotify/KTH/Alessandro Bellini.

The new KTH Innovation Award will go to brave innovators

Together with Spotify founder Daniel Ek and KTH Professor Mathias Uhlén, KTH has established the new KTH Innovation Award. Each year, SEK 500,000 will...

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A piece of alloy is stress tested in a lab set-up.
A piece of alloy is stress tested in Levente Vitos' lab at KTH. (photo: courtesy of Levente Vitos)

Findings offer ‘recipe’ for fine tuning alloys for high-temperature use

Superalloys that withstand extremely high temperatures could soon be tuned even more finely for specific properties such as mechanical strength, as a ...

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microscopic image of cancer cell
Cancer cells survived multiple episodes of stress and maintained their rate of proliferation. Pictured: an image of a breast cancer cell (Photo: public domain)

Study shows survival mechanism for cells under stress

New research reveals how cancer cells endure stress and survive. Publishing in Molecular Cell, an international research team identified mechanisms th...

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