Portrait of Dora Palfi.

On a mission to get girls into coding

The future is being shaped by technology, and this KTH alumnus is dedicated to making sure young women have a stake in it.

Graphic shows representations of four digital activities held during the break
The invitation sent out to students remaining in Stockholm over the holidays.

Digital celebration for students who remained over the holidays

For many international students, the pandemic this winter ensured that there was no going home for the holidays, so a group students from the School o...

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Photo of a painting depicting a half-figured person.
The portrait painting “Edmond de Belamy” is seen as a breakthrough for AI created art (image is cropped). (Photo: Obvious)

What will happen when art and music are increasingly created by AI?

Our computers are taking over a larger part of the creative effort that goes into creating art, articles and music. This brings with it a number of ne...

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a close-up view of the test strip
A close-up look at the digital bioassay test strip developed at KTH. (Photo: Emre Iseri)

Urinary tract infection self-test more accurate with digital bacterial culturing

Soon you will be able to perform a bacterial culture at home to test for urinary tract infection (UTI), with clinical-level results.

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