High Performance Computing and Visualization (HPCViz) focuses on developing new concepts for improved usage of high-performance computer systems. This includes both modelling and simulation as well as analysis and synthesis of visual data.

The departments combines three vibrant research areas at CSC: the research on high performance and distributed computing at PDC, headed by Erwin Laure, the Computational Technology Laboratory (CTL) and its research on modeling and simulation, headed by Johan Hoffman who is also the deputy head of HPCViz, and VIC (Visualization, Interaction and Collaboration) Stockholm, the KTH visualization studio, led by Björn Thuresson. The competences and resources in these groups combined provide an excellent context for addressing both the foundational research questions in high performance computing and visualization as well as the wide array of application domains benefiting from these technologies.

HPCViz benefits from the operation of high performance computing systems at PDC as well as the visualization and interaction facilities offered by VIC Stockholm.

The new department is well connected with related research activities at KTH, Sweden, and worldwide. Of particular importance is the collaboration with the Swedish e-Science Research Centre (SeRC), where HPCViz contributes to various core communities and to the SeRC flagship project e-Science for Cancer Prevention and Cure (eCPC). A variety of EC projects are also executed at HPCViz with a special focus on increasing the efficiency of scientific software to the exascale level.

HPCViz has an inclusive focus on bilateral collaborations with large companies and organisations, building on existing collaborations with Scania, Microsoft, SAAB, Volvo Cars and RaySearch Laboratories among others.

The department combines three research areas at CSC.

Research on high performance and distributed computing at PDC
Professor Erwin Laure

Computational Technology Laboratory (CTL)
Professor Johan Hoffman

VIC (Visualization, Interaction and Collaboration) Stockholm, the KTH Visualization Studio
Björn Thuresson., Head of VIC Studio

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