Interested in innovations from KTH? You can contribute!

KTH Innovation opens the door to cutting edge ideas and research results generated by researchers and students at KTH.


There is always opportunity for you as investor, business developer, entrepreneur, company or student to contribute in the innovation projects at KTH.

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KTH Innovation Panel

KTH Innovation has developed a unique, web based market research tool called the KTH Innovation Panel. The panel is made up of industry experts who can provide valuable feedback on product or technology ideas at a very early stage of development.

Among the approximately 150 ideas that KTH Innovation supports at any one time, there are always projects in need of feedback on product ideas. The Innovation Panel provides a way for researchers and students to get early and crucial feedback from potential customers, users and other stake holders. The panel plays an important part when determining how product ideas are developed, which applications are worth investing in and, in some cases, whether it is even worth pursuing the idea.

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The KTH Potential

KTH is the largest technical university in Sweden and represents a third of all Swedish technical research and engineering education at university level. According to international experts, a majority of the basic and applied research produced at KTH is world class.

KTH has more spin-offs per SEK invested in research than MIT, Stanford or Cambridge. The number of patents per SEK invested is comparable to other top level universities globally.

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