Johan Hoffman

Johan Hoffman completed his PhD in applied mathematics at Chalmers University in 2002 on computational methods for solving multiscale differential equations. He also spent periods as visiting researcher at Oxford University, Stanford University and Heidelberg University. As a postdoc researcher at the Courant Institute at New York University his research focused on simulation of turbulent flow.

He aims to combine fundamental research on mathematics and computer science with applied research in interdisciplinary collaborations with industry and society, and he is a founder of the FEniCS software project where the research of the group is publish as open source computational tools.

At KTH, Johan is the principal investigator of the Computational Technology Laboratory, where he supervises 5 PhD students. The core of CTL research is computational mathematical modeling with differential equations and high performance adaptive finite element methods, with focus on turbulent flow and fluid-structure interaction. Applied research include aerodynamics, aero-acoustics, biomedicine and geophysics, and collaborative projects combining research in simulation, visualization and interactivity. Johan is also the deputy head of the department of High Performance Computing and Visualization (HPCViz).

In 2008, Johan was awarded an European Research Council Starting Grant, and an Individual Grant for the Advancement of Research Leaders (Framtidens Forskningsledare) by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. In 2010 he was selected for a Senior Research Fellowship of the Swedish Research Council.

For a popular description of his research, view the YouTube channel of the research group, a movie of our interactive heart model, or see the following articles:

Building a foundation for efficient turbulent flow models - Research Media, 2011

Accurate modelling of fluid and structure interaction - Projects Magazine, 2010

Aero-acoustic virtual design - European Success Stories in Industrial Mathematics 2011

Forskare i flerskalig modellering - Vetenskapsrådet, 2010 (Swedish)

Turbulens kan nu simuleras - Stiftelsen för strategisk forskning, 2008 (Swedish)

European Research Council Starting Grant - Vetenskapsrådet, 2008 (Swedish)

Also, see the recent interview from TV4News science program Vetenskap, 2012.

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