About the program

Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program, run by KTH Innovation, is a new program set up following a SEK 5 million donation to KTH from Bicky Chakraborty.

In order to promote KTH students and researchers who develop innovations specifically aimed at creating growth in Sweden, the program offers funding, coaching, tailored courses and mentorship to accepted entrepreneurs for one year. Over the next five years, the plan is for 5-7 projects per year to qualify for the program and use the support to successfully develop their ideas.

Objective - to strengthen Swedish job market

In a global society, where many innovators today are focussing on expansion and internationalisation, this is a program for those who see the benefits of staying in Sweden and strategically developing their company.

Are you a researcher or student at KTH and do you have an idea that:

  • needs support such as funding, mentorship or coaching and that is aimed at a Swedish market?
  • would lead to an innovation that could create jobs and strengthen Sweden as a country?

 If yes - this is a program for you!

For questions or more information contact Nicole Forsberg

Young entrepreneurs today talk early about an exit plan. I have never had that. When I started my journey, I thought about it as something that would be fun to work with long term instead of being quick to sell off. It is not good from a job creation perspective if you only build companies around an exit plan, you have to dare to go for the long haul!

Bicky Chakraborty, CEO and founder of Elite Hotels of Sweden.

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