About the program

The Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program was set up following a SEK 5 million donation to KTH from Bicky Chakraborty, founder of Elite Hotels, and is run by KTH Innovation since 2016.

Bicky Chakraborty together with the winners of 2016.

The program is aimed for KTH research and student entrepreneurs running innovative startups with the potential to create growth and prosperity in Sweden. The program runs for five years (2016–2021) and the successful applicants receive verification funding, mentoring, and a tailored educational program throughout the full year.

The program can be seen as a growth accelerator, where the most important aspects of growing, scaling and sustaining a business are addressed. The successful applicants are allocated experienced mentors with a history of growing, investing in, and scaling companies successfully. The educational program consists of offsite workshops around Sweden addressing various aspects of creating, growing and sustaining the growth of a company over time. The educational program is also coupled with networking activities with innovation support hubs around Sweden. The successful applicants also receive up to SEK 70,000 each to finance verification activities during the year.

Objective - to strengthen Swedish job market

In a global society - where many innovators today have a large focus on expansion and internationalization, this is a program is aimed for innovators reaping the benefits of growing in Sweden.

Are you a researcher or student at KTH with an idea that:

• Needs support in terms of funding, experienced mentorship and a thorough growth plan for the Swedish market?

• Would benefit the Swedish market, create jobs and/or strengthen Sweden as a country?

If yes - this is a program for you!

The Acceleration Program Offers

Aside from the 70 000 SEK in verification funding, an exciting year awaits the participants. The acceleration program visits several essential parts of customer/business and innovation development – such as how to create a strong team and a long-term sustainable business, customer development, market segmentation, and finance. The participants are also handed experienced mentors throughout the year.


Application to the Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program will open in spring 2020. If you have nay questions, please contact us on innovation@kth.se .

Entrepreneurs today generally speak early of an exit plan. I have never had that. When I started my journey, I thought about it as a long-term commitment and something that would be great to work and grow with long term – not a quick sell-off. Building a company only around an exit plan is not optimal from a job creation perspective, you have to dare to commit long term!

Bicky Chakraborty, CEO and founder of Elite Hotels of Sweden.

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