Who is Bicky Chakraborty?

Bicky Chakraborty is CEO and founder of Elite Hotels of Sweden and The Bishop´s Arms. The journey to a hotel empire started when he was a student and had the courage to dedicate himself to an innovative idea.

Bicky Chakraborty. CEO, founder and owner of Elite Hotels of Sweden. Photo: Ateljé Uggla

Bicky studied at Stockholm University at the end of the 1950s when he had the idea to let student accommodation that were emplty over the summer. The business, which was run through the student union, was turned into a corporation in 1980, SSRS Holding AB, with Bicky Chakraborty at the helm.

This was the start of a hotel empire that is today Elite Hotels of Sweden. The chain, owned solely byt Bicky Chakraborty, has 28 Elite Hotels in 18 cities and 5 Hotel Bishops Arms in five cities.

Now Bicky Chakraborty, who has dedicated his career to building a company in Sweden, wants to give something back to society but giving young entrepreneurs a chance to fulfill their dreams.

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Last changed: Oct 11, 2016