About the KTH Innovation pre-incubator

The KTH Innovation pre-incubator aims to support early stage, tech based KTH projects with the potential to become viable companies. More than 100 companies have passed the pre-incubation program where KTH students and researchers get free of charge support to verify and develop a viable business concept across key areas.

We work according to a structured and proven process with individual and group coaching, peer-to-peer sessions, training workshops and events - providing our projects with optimal conditions for success! Additionally, they get free office space as a part of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator.

Objective of the pre-incubator

The main purpose of the pre-incubator is to make start-ups “ready-to-go” meaning that they should be prepared for the next development step such as incubation, first funding etc. We work to increase the “innovation readiness level” meaning that the projects should develop and verify a viable business concept in key areas (technology, customer, team, IPR, funding, market opportunity).

The process is inspired by lean start up methodologies and the overall goal in the pre-incubator is to find a first customer and to have a first “product” ready.

What we offer

  • Business coaching: projects get a dedicated coach that will support a startup through their journey followed up by weekly meetings.
  • Structured process: we provide structure and guidance and together we set clear goals to make sure the projects work with the right things.
  • Community and office space: we provide free office space access 24/7. Members sit in a supportive community with other entrepreneurs. Regular networking events.
  • Workshops and training- regular workshops and training on relevant topics.
  • Commercial support: the projects get access to all KTH Innovation resources, e.g. access to funding, patent attorney, lawyer specialized in IP, communication support, networks etc.

Read more about the pre-incubator here!

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Do you have a question about The KTH pre-incubator? Contact Nicole Forsberg, nicolefo@kth.se

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