About the KTH Innovation Pre-incubator Program

The KTH Innovation pre-incubator program is a yearlong program for early-stage, tech-based projects from KTH looking to speed up their development. During the past five years, 130 startups have been accepted into the program, where a structured process, a strong community, and increased focus contributes to fast development.

The tools you need

The KTH Innovation pre-incubator gives students and researchers from KTH the tools they need to accelerate their projects while developing as entrepreneurs.

The program is based on a structured and tested process, where customized support optimizes development. The participants take part in a tailor-made development program, lending the tools necessary to verify and develop a strong and sustainable business concept. KTH Innovation also provides access to office space on the KTH Campus, a strong community, and our global network within business and academia.

The aim of the pre-incubator program

The pre-incubator program aims to provide the accepted projects with the tools they need to in one year accelerate towards the market.

Based on the Innovation Readiness LevelTM Model, developed by KTH Innovation, the projects develop a sustainable business concept within central areas, such as technology, customer, team, IP, funding and marketization.

Our offer

  •  Business coaching: get a dedicated coach that will support you through your journey, giving the right support at the right stage
  • Structured process: follow a structured process with clear goals and targets
  • Community and office space: become part of a supportive community and access to regular networking events. We also provide free office space access 24/7.
  • Workshops and training- participate in regular workshops and trainings on relevant topics.
  • Commercial support: get access to all our resources, such as access to funding, patent attorney, lawyer specialized in IP, communication support, networks and more

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Do you have a question about The KTH pre-incubator? Contact Nicole Forsberg, nicolefo@kth.se

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