Another win for jaundice meter from KTH

The Jaisy team. Huseyin Aytug in a blue suit and glasses; Hasan Basri Celebi in a brown jacket and glasses; & Murat Cetiner in a red shirt and glasses. All three smile for the camera. In the background is a wood-paneled wall, a green plant and a TV-screen.
The Jaisy team won this year's Impact Maker in the Venture Cup region east finale. From the left: Huseyin Aytug, Hasan Basri Celebi, & Murat Cetiner.
Published May 12, 2020

“With their innovation, anyone can save lives”. KTH startup Jaisy won this year’s Impact Maker in the Venture Cup Regional Finale East.

The jaundice meter is silver, round and about five centimeters long. A cord comes out of the back. In the background of the image is a computer displaying a picture of a baby.
The jaundice meter

Every year, 80 million, well over half of all children born, suffer from jaundice. The Jaisy team have developed an easy-to-use jaundice meter for infants that is both accurate and less expensive than what’s on the market today. If left untreated, jaundice can lead to neurological damage or even death. 

“Two of the advantages of our technology are that it is neither invasive as a blood test, nor complicated to use. Anyone can measure the presence of jaundice by holding our meter against the skin of a baby. The results are displayed a few seconds after measurement on a smartphone screen,” Hasan Basri Celebi told Peter Ardell in an article published earlier this year .

The team won 50 000 SEK, with the motivation "their innovation has large potential to save lives". 

"We couldn't have gotten this prize without the help and support from KTH Innovation. Thank you on behalf of the Jaisy Team", said founder Murat Cetiner. 


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Text: Lisa Bäckman 

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Last changed: May 12, 2020