Intro to Innovation: Talking to customers

Getting input and feedback from customers and users is crucial to decide if your idea is a good one, and plan how to develop it.

Time: Mon 2019-05-20 12.00 - 13.00

Lecturer: Daniel Carlsson, KTH Innovation

Location: Fantum, Lindstedtsvägen 24

Ellure from Batch 7 of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program in a user interview

How can you start to make sure your idea is good enough? What questions do you ask to get good market feedback? How do you make sure you get unbiased answers and relevant info? How and where do you find people to talk to? These are the areas we will address in this hands-on workshop.

When: May 20th, 12.00-13.00

Where: Fantum, Lindstedtsvägen 24, 5th floor

For Whom: Students, employees and researchers at KTH

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Intro to Innovation

Are you interested in entrepreneurship but unsure how to begin? Wondering how to come up with a good business idea, how to protect your idea, find funding to develop it, or describe it in a way that makes people get it?

In the spring of 2019, KTH Innovation invites you to five events, where we will give you an introduction to topics that are good to have a grip of when you develop your ideas or commercialize your research. Find the full series here.  

Come to one or to all five. At any point when you feel ready, you can book a meeting  with us at KTH Innovation to discuss your idea or research result, and find out how we can help you move forward. #itallstartshere

Have an idea?

Do you have an idea you'd like to develop or a research result that could have commercial potential? The first step is to book a meeting with us. By answering four simple questions you'll give us enough information to know how to help you move forward.

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