KTH Innovation Challenge: Going climate neutral

Published Oct 14, 2019

By 2045, Sweden aims to achieve negative net emissions of greenhouse gases. Are you a KTH researcher with an idea or research result that can help reduce emissions and reach climate neutrality? Then you can win 100 000 SEK in funding from KTH Innovation.

KTH Innovation Challenge: Going climate neutral

Are you a KTH researcher with an idea or research result that can help reduce emissions and reach climate neutrality? Then you can win 100 000 SEK in funding from KTH Innovation.

KTH Innovation Challenge: Going climate neutral 

Are you a KTH researcher with a research result or tech-based idea that could:

  • replace fossil fuels and materials with more sustainable alternatives?
  • cut down emissions, for example from transportation or industrial processes?
  • use resources more efficiently or reduce waste?
  • be turned into innovative business concepts to off-set emissions, or introduce circularity?
  • in another way reduce the emission of greenhouse gases?

How can I participate?

Fill out the online template on the KTH Innovation website before November 29th, 2019. You can keep your answers short. We'll contact you if we have any further questions!

  • Describe the idea/project (max 4000 characters) according to the NABC model
    • Need: What are the problems you seek to solve? How do these problem impact climate neutrality today?
    • Approach: What is your solution (technical solution and potential business concept)?
    • Benefits: How can your idea contribute to reducing emissions? What is the main value?
    • Competition: What makes your idea unique? What are the alternatives and competition?
  • Current status (max ca 1500 characters)
    • Description of the status of the project and what you have done so far
  • Motivation, plan (use of the prize money), (max ca 1500 characters)
  • Description of your plan, how to use the prize money and how it would advance your project

Who can join the challenge?

Join the challenge if:

  • You have a tech-based idea or project that contributes to climate neutrality to prevent climate change.
  • You want to develop the idea into something that could be applied commercially/industrially.
  • You have started development of the technology and have made some progress
  • You are a current researcher at KTH
  • The core of the project team is from KTH (min. 50 % ownership by KTH researchers)
  • The idea or project has not already been supported financially by KTH Innovation

Who will win?

The winning project will be selected based on the following criteria:

    • Impact and potential: the potential to reach the market and contribute to climate neutrality and reduction of emissions
    • Innovative, i.e. uniqueness and novelty in key aspects
    • Realizable,: the feasibility of developing the project and bringing it to the market

The evaluation process will be carried out by KTH Innovation. Shortlisted applicants may be invited for interviews.

What can I win?

  • The winning project is awarded 100 000 SEK to develop their idea and fund relevant activities. The team will also receive support from KTH Innovation.
  • Relevant activities are such that are aimed at developing the project towards the market. Examples can be activities to meet potential users, customers and partners, developing a demo or prototype to use in tests or market activities, or carrying out pilot trials.
  • The final budget, and activities will be decided in discussion with KTH Innovation
  • Funding cannot be used to file patents, pay salaries, or conduct research-related activities

KTH Innovation & sustainability

KTH Innovation believes even more technology from KTH could benefit people in society and contribute to solving the challenges facing humanity today. In the beginning of 2019, we initiated a project to become even better at supporting ideas from KTH that can contribute to sustainable development, but we believe we can do more.  

That's why we're announcing this challenge for researchers at KTH. Could you help reduce emissions and reach climate neutrality? Apply by November 29th, 2019 by following this link.

What are other KTH researchers doing?

Every year, KTH Innovation supports over 300 teams of students, researchers and employees at KTH who want to develop their ideas or commercialize their research. Here are seven projects that stand out in making things a bit more sustainable!

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