KTH Innovation partners with Music Tech Fest and awards 50 000 SEK to the most innovative idea

Published May 22, 2018

At Music Tech Fest taking place at KTH in September, world-leading artists, students, researchers, creators and innovators will explore music and technology together. KTH Innovation has partnered with Music Tech Fest for the 24-hour Hack Camp, and will also award the most innovative idea from the festival with a prize of 50 000 SEK in a KTH Innovation Challenge to be launched during the festival.

KTH Innovation is excited to announce that we have partnered with Music Tech Fest 's 24-hour Hack Camp to support the brilliant ideas that will spring from the festival, and to help the participants turn ideas into true innovation. The most innovative idea will win a prize of 50 000 SEK, in a KTH Innovation Challenge to be launched during the festival.

Spurring creative thinking

At previous 24-hour Hack Camps, the Music Tech Fest community has produced and tested the viability of revolutionary components and products, which are now beginning to alter the landscape of interaction with data, sound, and gesture in physical space.

- A hackathon is a great way to spur creative thinking, says Lisa Ericsson, Head of KTH Innovation. When people from different backgrounds and fields come together, the results are always interesting, and we know for sure that MTF be no exception. However, we know that to go from idea to innovation and create real impact you need to keep working with your idea.

Creating impact

To inspire the teams formed during the 24-hour Hack Camp to keep developing their ideas and solutions, KTH Innovation will not only offer support such as business development, but will also award the best idea with 50 000 SEK, in a KTH Innovation Challenge to be launched during Music Tech Fest. Andrew Dubber, Director of Music Tech Fest, adds:

- One of the most important things at Music Tech Fest has always been that ideas that begin at the festival can go on to have a life beyond it. Music Tech Fest has a solid track record of supporting brilliant ideas to market with projects like #MusicBricks  and Industry Commons  and so we’re thrilled to be working with KTH Innovation and really looking forward to seeing more of the incredible ideas that start life at #MTFStockholm go on to be supported into ingenious products and sustainable businesses.

Science and art

Since 2007, KTH Innovation has played a central part in the commercialization of new ideas from KTH. Specializing in new technology in the earliest stages of development, KTH Innovation has supported over 2000 new ideas from students and researchers at KTH with free, objective and confidential support in all areas relevant to taking an idea from research result to innovation. Lisa Ericsson continues:

- Music Tech Fest is a great initiative, and we at KTH Innovation are very excited to welcome the festival to KTH. Since 1827, KTH’s emblem has included the phrase Science and Art, which is why I think KTH is the perfect venue for the festival. We believe that the resources that we have at KTH, together with MTF’s global network will lead to some extremely interesting new ideas and inventions.

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Last changed: May 22, 2018