Support for ideas that ease the effects of covid-19

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Published Mar 30, 2020

The power of innovation at KTH is stronger than ever as people turn their efforts towards easing the effects of the spread of Covid-19. Do you also want to help? Here’s how KTH Innovation can support you.

During these turbulent weeks, we’ve seen students, researchers and employees at KTH turn their efforts towards helping ease the effects the spread of covid-19. To mention but a few, a group of KTH Researchers are developing a Corona antibody test  and KTH students started a Facebook group to help younger students who suddenly found themselves in isolation (article in Swedish) .

Do you also want to help?

Are you also a KTH student, researcher or employee with an idea or a research result or project that can help ease the effects of the spread of covid-19 on our society? Here's how KTH Innovation can support you. 

Finding the best way forward

Need advice on how to move forward or just someone to discuss your idea or result with? When you contact us, we put you in touch with one of our coaches who will help you find the best way forward so your idea can come to use. All our coaches have experience in supporting researchers, students and employees at KTH with ideas in all areas of technology, so you can always find someone who can answer your specific questions.

Find others who can help 

If you take part of KTH Innovation's support, we can help you find and recruit new team members or come in contact with someone in our network who knows your specific area. 

Funding opportunities

Through Vinnova, we have funding for verification of your technology. The funding can for example be used to run a pilot project, build a prototype or talk to potential users.

In a later stage there’s KTH Holding that invests in new technology from KTH. We also have an active network of external investors and business angels.

Research support office have put together a list of urgent calls related to COVID-19 outbreak.

Ask a legal counsel or patent attorney

Have questions about contracts, agreements or patenting? Our patent attorney and legal counsel can answer all your questions about protecting your idea.

I want to help, but I don’t have an idea of my own

If you don’t have an idea, but still want to help out, there are plenty of opportunities.

  • Check which KTH projects are recruiting right now. Perhaps there's a team looking for just your skills? Find all open ads here.
  • Sign up to Hack the Crisis .
  • Start from your own knowledge and experience and try to find a problem that needs a solution. Focus on understanding the problem, and then try to think of a solution. Right now, we go live on Instagram every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12.15 to talk about how to develop your ide. Follow us there on @kthinnovation.

Get in touch

Here's what we need to know to put you in touch with the right person at KTH Innovation:

  • That you are a current student, researcher or employee at KTH, or a recent graduate. Let us know which department you're in or what you're studying. 
  • A short description of your idea, including what type of technology you have developed or want to develop. We'd also like to know how your idea can solve a problem in a new way, i.e. in what way it's better than what's already on the market.  
  • What you would like to talk about. Do you want help and coaching to develop your idea, information about patents or funding, or to find a team member? Let us know! 
  • Send the description to

Get in touch! 

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