KTH Innovation - the edtech factory?

From the top left: Team members from Anymaker, Inicio and ZIFRO. Bottom: a Furhat robot, the CodaEasy team, and Feedo's camera
Published Jul 04, 2018

When technology starts finding its way into our schools, KTH students and researchers are ready with new solutions making sure no-one gets left behind. We listed 10 KTH startups that can help schools keep up. Is KTH Innovation the largest edtech factory in Sweden?

Digitalization, programming, artificial intelligence, augmented reality – society is developing rapidly, and schools need new tools to keep up with the new demands. Luckily, students and researchers at KTH have the knowledge, ambition and resources to meet the needs of the future. Every year, KTH Innovation supports a large number of developing edtech startups. Here are ten of them!

1. Anymaker

The team behind Anymaker has developed an easy-to-use 3D sketching app. After first contacting KTH Innovation back in 2013, the Anymaker team has developed their idea into a fully-fledged company, winning awards like Wistrand Standup Star and C Awards Best Interaction Design. Visit Anymaker's website!

2. Digiexam

DigiExam simplifies the exam process for instructors and teachers, helps students complete tests more efficiently, and saves both time and money for institutions. They’re soon about to pass 2 million submitted tests! Find out more here. 

3. Inicio

Inicio is a non-profit organization working to enable citizens to be creators of tomorrow. The aim is to enhance digital skills and literacy so all can participate and contribute to the future smart, sustainable societies. Find Inicio's next event!

4. CodaEasy

CodaEasy has Easy, developed a programming language based on the notion that coding should be “simple but not simlified”. Having started programming at a young age themselves, the team wants to give all children a good start. This spring, they’ve won Guldräven and Student Super Startup at the Venture Cup Regional Finale East. Try Easy here!

5. Furhat Robotics

Too many students and not enough teachers? Hire a Furhat robot! Furhat Robotics is creating the world’s first social robot, which already has a few years’ experience as a teacher’s assistant. See Furhat in action!

6. Opusplace

Society is changing faster than ever, and teachers constantly need new skills to keep up. Opusplace was created to offer teachers a platform for capacity building, where they can also exchange experiences with teachers from all over Sweden. Join up here!

Inicio use technology to inspire learning


ZIFRO provides a complete solution for teaching programming in high school. Separate sites for teachers and students, where teachers can plan their lessons,and students can practice coding in Python, make sure that everyone gets the tools that they need. Read more here!

8. Feedo

Filming your lessons, editing them and uploading the result takes time that teachers usually don’t have. Feedo wants to makes it simpler for teachers to communicate with their students by offering an easy-to-use platform. They’ve also developed a camera that makes uploading clips from lessons a no-brainer! Visit Feedo's website!

9. Royal Schedule

Setting the schedule for a school with several hundred students is not an easy feat, and can often cost thousands in overtime costs for the person responsible. Royal Schedule thought it was time to make scheduling smarter, and is therefore developing algorithms that can help automate the process.

10. L:ara

250 million children in the world leave school without basic understanding of reading, writing, and mathematics. L:ara builds solutions to give these children easy access to education. Find out more!

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