Funding is key when it comes to commercialising an idea or research result. Every year, KTH Innovation helps KTH projects secure over 40 million SEK in funding.

Find the right funding for you

We have over ten years of experience of supporting students, employees and researchers from KTH. In the beginning, a key factor is securing funding to validate the potential of your idea. The funding can for example be used for market resarch, prototyping or testing an idea with a potential customer. In a later stage, we can help you secure investment. 

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Want to check the commercial potential of a research result or an innovative idea? We have funding to help you get started.

KTH Innovation has access to funding that helps you take the first steps to validate your idea's potential on the market. The funding can for example be used to develop a prototype or bring in a consultant to do some market research. 

Through Vinnova's funding program Validering för Tillämpning(VFT-1), KTH Innovation can offer funding up to 300 000 SEK in several stages.

Read more about the program here.


When you have validated your idea's potential on the market, it may be time to start looking for investment to accelerate your development. KTH Innovation offers several opportunities.

KTH Holding is a public company that is administered by the KTH university board. The holding company invests in early, promising startups stemming from reasearch or education at KTH. Read more about KTH Holding here.

The KTH Innovation EarlyBird Network is our network of private investors, venture capitalists, and angel investors. We arrange regular meetups between the network and projects from KTH. Read more about the network here.

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Last changed: Nov 15, 2019