About KTH Innovation

Since the beginning in 2007, KTH Innovation has played a central part at KTH when it comes to commercialising new ideas.

KTH Innovation helps you who want to develop an idea or commercialize your research to find the right way forward. Together we can bring new technology to the market to create impact in society.

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Our support

Our team has competence in all areas needed when you bring new technology to the market. Our business development coaches have vast experience of supporting ideas in all areas. Our patent engineer and legal counsels help you with patents and agreements. We can also help you with funding, project and communications support, finding team members and much more.

We work according to a structured process to give you the right tools to succeed.

Our support is open to teams with current students, researchers and/or employees at KTH. 

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Free and confidential

Our support is free of charge, confidential, and KTH doesn’t take any ownership in your idea.

Speed up your development

We offer a number of programs for those who want to put extra focus on their idea and speed up their development. 

  • The KTH Innovation pre-incubator program  - a one-year program that helps you focus your development. The program includes weekly workshops to develop as an entrepreneur and gives you office space on campus. 
  • The KTH Innovation Brighter Program  - a program for those with the potential of reaching the global market. Every year we bring select KTH projects to global innovation hubs. 
  • Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program  - a program to develop your idea and your knowledge of entrepreneurship. You get funding, training, and mentorship. 
  • Test Drive Deeptech   - a program for KTH researchers who have developed advanced technology. Five evening workshops give you practical training to help you find your way of bringing your research to the market.


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