Update #2 - WS on equality with Anna Wahl

What's happening in Project W?
Now that we are approaching the end of 2016 we are pleased to be able to report that Project W has already had an effect on the KTH Innovations operations.

In March, when we started the project  , there were 41 women using our support. Today that number is 70. So what did we do to see a 70 % increase in such a short time? Simply by raising the issue, becoming aware of the problem that the inequality is and communicating about it we have taken steps in the right direction. We know from previous experience that it is through identifying challenges, setting goals and developing our support that KTH Innovation has been successful during our nearly 10 years in business. That is how we are running Project W. 

This is just the beginning and naturally we are not satisfied! We are still at the beginning of this project and it's time to look ahead into 2017 when we will identify and test different measures to improve our methods and tools. But first a quick look at what we have done during this autumn. 

Workshop on equality

In October, KTH Innovation had the pleasure of doing a workshop with Anna Wahl, recently named Vice President for Equality and Values , where we got to learn what research says about women's conditions in male dominated environments. The team members at KTH Innovation had the opportunity to reflect on the equality of our own team and the factors that impact it. How different our individual views of equality can be and how important it is to elevate the issue to a structural rather than a personal level. This introduction laid the foundation for our understanding of the issue that we are addressing in this project. 


We have also continued looking at our statistics from previous years. For example, how have we allocated funds for verification of new technology? In this area we can see that the great bulk of these resources in 2015 went to cases with one or more male idea owners. Less than a fifth were allocated to cases where women were part of the team. That's a figure we can't relax and be happy about. 

Our network is growing and we are very grateful for the fantastic response we get when talking to people about our work. There is a great sense of frustration and an iron will too finally get some where with real equality in technical education, research and innovation. At KTH this issue is being addressed by our new President who views equality as one of her three main focus areas for a successful KTH. Going into 2017 we have great ambition, challenging goals and real job satisfaction! 

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Happy Holidays!

Anna Isoz

Project manager Project W

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Last changed: May 18, 2017