Årets mentorer 2017

Vinnarna till Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program 2017 utses av välrenommerade mentorer som kommer stötta bolagen under det kommande året. Dessa är:

Mattias Miksche, Founder and Angel Investor
Mattias started his career in the Kinnevik group and was a part of the launch of ZTV. He is also founder of Boxman which was merged with British Lovefilm and sold to Amazon for 1.5 MSEK. Aside from this, Mattias is also the founder of Stardoll and built the company from scratch to several million users globally. Mattias is an angel investor in early-stage technology and a member of the board at Avanza, Eniro, Dustin and Sportamore.

Aurore Belfrage, Head of Early Stage/Co-founder Together at EQT Ventures
Aurore Belfrage, Aurore has experience in investing in, founding, and scaling up new technology in various parts of the world. She is currently Head of Early Stage Technology at the well-renowned VC firm EQT Ventures. Aside from various investor and advisory positions in the tech scene, Aurore is one of the co-founders of the famous startup Wrapp – where she headed up global sales.

Fredrik Wester, CEO, Paradox interactive
Fredrik is founder and CEO of the gaming studio Paradox Interactive – known for its internationally successful game Europa Universalis. The company is based in Stockholm and went public in 2016 with a valuation of 3.4 billion SEK. Aside from building Paradox Interactive, Fredrik has also invested in early-stage start-ups.

Jacob Key, Business Angel
Started as an investment manager at the Real Venture Group, an early stage investor in mobile technology. He also founded the companies Mediatude and Globalmouth. In 2006 he joined Warner Music Group working with global business development and digital strategy. He has also worked with the music industry’s change with companies such as Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud, Youtube and Google. Today, Jacob helps early-stage startups grow by joining as a board member and/or angel investments.

Magnus Bergman, Venture investment partner Bootstrap Labs
Magnus is a KTH alumnus and has also worked as a research engineer here, where he programmed massive parallel computers. He is also an early stage investor in internationally successful Prezi and Truecaller. Aside from being an active business angel he is responsible for identifying Swedish ”rising stars” for the Silicon Valley based Bootstrap Labs.

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