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How much repetition is needed in order to master something?

When in school, have you ever wondered how many times you have to repeat something, such as solving mathematical equations, before you will master it? Now we have the answer: It is eight (8)! We have performed a study on data from courses using the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) methodology.  Among other things, OLI courses … Continue reading “How much repetition is needed in order to master something?”

Walking with Seminars – Finally!

After no less than twelve failed* attempts in two years to publish our study on walking seminars, we finally managed to identify a venue for our research: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, which took less than six weeks, including a revision, from submission to publication! In the meantime, this study has caught … Continue reading “Walking with Seminars – Finally!”

Pernilla Josefsson disputerar!

Our former colleague Jonas Moll has already published a nice blog post on this: My colleague, Pernilla Josefsson, successfully defended her thesis today! And now our college Daniel Pargman has presented his view on the thesis.