Global collaboration to close the loop for fashion

KTH is partnering the Global Change Award, an international innovation challenge aiming to protect our planet and environment through innovative and cutting edge ideas.

In 2015, H&M Foundation with partners KTH and Accenture launched the global innovation challenge Global Change Award (GCA). Together, all partners contribute to the competition through a tailored Innovation Accelerator that supports the winners in realising their ideas.

Towards a sustainable fashion industry

Global Change Award is today one to the largest competitions of its kind. Over 2.600 entries from 151 countries were submitted during last years' edition.

The annual challenge looks for ground breaking ideas and acts as a catalyst driving development for a more circular fashion industry. Anyone with an idea, regardless of previous knowledge, can join the challenge anywhere in the world. An panel of experts have selected five winners each receiving a share of the 1 million Euro prize and a place in the innovation accelerator for a year. The results of the global vote and presentation of the winners were revealed at a ceremony in the Stockholm City Hall.

The application for Global Change Award 2019 will open on August 29th, 2018.

Accelerator for innovation

The year long accelerator program is kick started by a one week intensive boot camp following the prize ceremony. KTH Innovation is hosting this bootcamp on KTH campus. During the week, the teams get a crash course in evaluating their innovation as it currently stands and a guide to future development. Using the process that KTH Innovation has developed for all its innovation projects, we address all aspects of the Innovation Readiness LevelTM such as media training, agreements and legal issues, coaching and next steps.

Meet the winners of Global Change Award 2018

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  • Crop-A-Porter: Using left-overs from food crop harvests to make sustainable bio-textiles.
  • Algae Apparel: Turning algae into bio-fiber and eco-friendly dye that is also good for the skin.
  • Smart Stitch: A dissolvable thread that makes repairing and recycling a breeze.
  • The Regenerator: Recirculating fashion by separating cotton and polyester blends, turning them into new textile fiber.
  • Fungi Fashion: Custom-made clothes made from decomposable mushroom roots.
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