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ALTERA Quartus II and ModelSim

Attention! It is very extensive preparations for lab 3, begin the work in time!

For preparation, you will find the programs ready installed in computer room Kista 309/209

(   en pdf  VHDLintro_all_eng.pdf      All lab material (50 pages)   )

Download code:   Altera homepage or borrow a  usbstickicon.gif USB-stick at school (for Windows)

Download code:  vhdlfile  lockmall.vhd   ( text.gif lockmall.txt)

Download code:  bat.gif   ( text.gif lock.txt )

Download code:  testbench.gif  tb_lockmall.vhd   ( text.gif tb_lockmall.txt )

Download code:  vhdlfile  lockmall_with_error.vhd   ( text.gif lockmall_with_error.txt )

Good Luck with the preparations!

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