Program overview

Healthcare costs are growing globally and expected to rise for decades to come. Medical technology innovations that decrease overall spending while increasing efficacy, safety, reach, and output in healthcare are imperative to managing this development. To that end, KTH and KI have joined forces with EIT Health to create a unique innovation engine aimed at producing world-class medical technology innovations - Clinical Innovation Fellowships.

Development based on clinical immersion

At the heart of the Clinical Innovation Fellowships is the clinical immersion, an 8 week period where participants observe and interact with healthcare professionals and patients during everyday clinical practice. Each team is placed at a specific hospital department, where the clinical immersion takes place, and works alongside the department throughout the program to co-create innovative solutions to identified needs.

The identified needs are validated and screened with the support of clinic staff and business mentors. Selected, high-impact needs, are developed further to become business cases, master's theses (which fellowship participants supervise), and input to hospital management though a report with improvement proposals.

Multidisciplinary teams

Creating innovative solutions that provide value to customers long-term demands a multidisciplinary approach. As a result, the teams consist of four participants who each contribute distinct skills to the group from four different disciplines - medicine, engineering, business, and design.

Participants all have a strong academic background, are able to manage innovation projects in the healthcare sector, enjoy working in a multidisciplinary environment, and thrive in complex situations.

Only eight applicants will be selected to take part in Clinical Innovation Fellowships each year - two from each discipline.

International network

As an EIT Health initiative, collaboration with our international support organizations is a core feature of the fellowship program. Participants are expected to travel to network events in Europe and collaborate closely with our sister programs Moebio in Spain and Bioinnovate in Ireland.

Innovation activity during the program period requires technological and medical know-how that goes beyond the the teams’ own knowledge. Mentors and experts from different fields such as medicine, venture capital, and business management are involved troughout the process to support the teams' development processes. The program’s network of researchers, hospital departments and representatives from the business sector provide a starting point, but fellows are also expected to create their own networks around the specific questions they address.




Comprehensive educational experience

Throughout the program participants are educated in the biodesign process; medicine and healthcare related issues; as well as business and product development processes.

During the first week of the program participants are taught the basic skills needed to conduct a successful clinical immersion and lay the groundwork for the program to come - the bootcamp.

Multinational participants

In order to more effectively tackle some of the largest challenges facing healthcare today teams are formed with representatives from different countries. EU citizens and persons with an EU work permit are eligible to join. The program is held in English. 

For questions related to practical issues for international applicants please contact program management.

Catalyst for innovation

Many teams end up launching a company at the end of the program in order to develop their ideas further. Teams get support during the program to secure the funding needed to bring their ideas to market.

Below are a couple of examples of companies that were started by Clinical Innovation Fellowhship teams.

Extensive commitment

The program is a full-time comittment between September 1, 2017 and April 30, 2018, and the participants are not allowed to work alongside the program. A scholarship is awarded to all participants for the duration of the program.

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