AGI14 Comic Con Gamex

Students of Advanced Graphics and Interaction presented their four projects to thousands of people at Comic Con as partial examination at Kista Mässan between October 30 and November 2. For photos of the event, please visit us at Visualization Studio VIC.
AGI14 at Comic Con-Gamex 2014
Who We presented to an open audience of thousands of children, teens, and adults.
Contact: Mario Romero
Thursday, October 30 10:00-18:00
Friday, October 31 10:00-18:00
Saturday, November 1 10:00-19:00
Sunday, November 2 10:00-16:00
YA3 YA3, You Are a Tree, is an experience of creation through movement. A performer's body movements captured on a Microsoft Kinect map to the contortions of a growing tree for a meditative experience of creation and reflection.
2Pac 2Pacs is a collaborative game where two players armed with wii motes control a deranged Pac-man across a labyrinthine landscape while ghosts give endless chase. Each player has their own controller and view of the game and, together, they embody 2Pac.
Space Survival In Thrust Yourself, a player embodies a space walker dying to get home... literally running out of oxygen. The player controls the space walker through a combination of Wii MotionPlus and nun-chuck and views space through the virtual reality of an Oculus Rift.
Pod Racer PodRacer is an immersive virtual reality game where the player controls a two-engine pod, as in Star Wars Episode 1, through two haptic controllers. Students used an Oculus Rift and two Novint Falcons.
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