Open House

Students of Advanced Graphics and Interaction present some projects in their Open House as final examination in the Visualization Studio VIC. Please read about the projects below.
Who We presented to an open audience. Everyone is welcome. The event is open and free.
Contact: Mario Romero
Where: Visualization Studio VIC


DangeRoads-570x455.png Web Video Dange Roads is a texting and driving game that combines mobile phone steering and typing with game-engine graphics and physics. The object of the game is to write text messages while driving. Players improve their score by sending more text messages. When the game is over, the players statistics of driving accidents are compared against real-world statistics. The critical object of the game is to raise awareness of the danger of texting and driving in a safe and humourous environment.
SolarSense-570x455.png Web Video Solar Sense  It combines gesture-based interaction through a PrimeSense depth sensor with texture stereoscopic models of the planets in the solar system. Users navigate the solar system through natural gestures. SolarSense also affords phone-based interaction, where users navigate the model through their mobile touch screens.
FaceUp-570x455.png Web Video Face Up iis a playful exploration of interactive public spaces. It combines gestured-based interaction through the kinect with overhead projector-based special effects and music. The group has deployed FaceUp at the SL Tunnelbana station Tekniska Högskolan to test it with a real audience in a real environment.
ComposIt-570x455.png Web Video ComposIt is an exploration of what images would sound like if translated into sound. It uses the logic of a sequencer, where the vertical dimension is pitch and the horizontal is time. Users create paintings through a Wacom tablet and ComposIt translates the paintings into sound and visual special effects.
Parasomnia-570x455.png Web Video Parasomnia is a game that explores complimentary collaborative game play. It combines two wii mote controls with complementary skills. One player can move and orient while the other player can create or destroy objects. The players are under a meteor shower and need to move and defend their ground before its too late.

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