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AGI17 Forskar Fredag

Students of Advanced Graphics and Interaction will present the drafts of their projects in mixed reality interactive graphics to an open audience of high school students and teachers as a partial examination in the course.

ForskarFredag 2013

When: Friday, Sep 29, 9:00-15:00
WhereAlba Nova
Who: Everyone is welcome!

What will happen?: Students will present their works-in-progress and elicit your critical feedback on their trip towards a presentation of their final final projects at Mission IX on October 27.

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Contact: Mario Romero

Group Description
Bird demo Try soaring as a Bird in a 3D environment, you'll fly high over the hilltops seeing far into the distance.
Perkunas Perkunas allows you to try out some god powers in VR.
KnightRider Be an Augmented Reality Stunt set designer in KnightRider.
SAJJJK Challenge yourself by solving a maze, in space, in a cylinder and in Virtual Reality. Sajjjk enables you to see the solution to the maze, the question is: Does that make it easier?
KNYTTET KNYTTET let's you bring your virtual friend with you in augmented reality wherever you may be.
Umb-VR-ella Umb-vr-ela is a virtual reality experience of freewill where an umbrella is your only help
Hueniverse Save yourself from being hit by asteroids in VR by either ducking or by exploiting the asteroids colour weakness by matching your shots colours with that of the asteroid in Hueniverse.