AGI15 Open House

Students of Advanced Graphics and Interaction present 15 projects in their Open House as final examination in the Visualization Studio VIC on Friday, December 4, 15:00 to 19:00, 2015. Please read about the projects below and for up to date information, please visit our event invitation.
AGI15 Students
Who We presented to an open audience. Everyone is welcome. The event is open and free.
Contact: Mario Romero
When: Friday, December 4, 15:00 - 19:00
Where: Visualization Studio VIC

First Projects

SHMOONING-570x455.png Web Video Shmooning is a first-person shooter Oculus game taking place on the lunar surface where the player survives an alien invasion by shooting at them.
TEAMTRIS-570x455.png Web Video Teamtris is a 3D collaborative game inspired by Tetris where two players need to cooperate to control falling pieces to match and remove them using wii motes and two orthogonal 2D views.
BRARWL Web Video Brarwl is a multi player fighting game in augmented reality using mobile devices. C-Awards page. Nomination: Visual Effects.
Blopper Web Video Blopper is a Virtual Reality game with full-freedom of movement where the objective is to pop balloons with your hands C-Awards page.
Padawan 101 Web Video Padawan 101 is virtual reality training ground for aspiring Jedis defending from laser-shooting enemies with a virtual lightsaber. C-Awards page. Nomination: Technical Excellence.
Mad Sand Web Video Mad Sand is a digital and physical interactive and collaborative game where players alter the topography of a landscape to allow team mates to collect candy. C-Awards page. Nominations: Interactive Design, Creative Technology.

Second Projects

STARSHOOTER-570x455.png Web Video Starshooter trains wheelchair pan and tilt control through a firing cannon game.
SPRAYIT-570x455.png Web Video Spray It is a gesture-based canvas where users can paint using their hands in front of a rear-projected wall.
BLOODCELLSANDFRIENDS-570x455.png Web Video Bloodcells and Friends is a table-top interactive gamified simulation of an operating room.
Chillax Web Video Chillax is a virtual reality experience of diving inside an aquarium rich with life, light, and treasures. C-Awards page.
Color Splat Web Video Color Splat is an augmented virtuality game where a player throws a physical ball at the screen and it turns into a virtual ball going in the same trajectory.  C-Awards page. Winner: Public Magnet. Nominations: Interaction Design, Creative Technology, Public Magnet.
Spinnulator Web Video Spinnulator is an augmented virtuality biking experience that tracks the skeleton of the biker to place her in a virtual forest in the hunt for red apples. C-Awards page. Nomination: Business Opportunity.
HELLTHYKITCHEN-570x455.png Web Video Hellthy Kitchen is a virtual reality game where the user can interact with all the objects present in a virtual kitchen.
OTHERROOM-570x455.png Web Video Other Room is an invitation to relax through simulated outdoor environments and weather patterns.

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