AGI20 Digital Open House

Advanced Graphics and Interaction 2020 Digital Open House Dec 16 8-12

KTH invites you to experience the future of interaction in augmented reality (AR). Explore the projects created by the students of Advanced Graphics and Interaction at the Visualization Studio VIC. Join us to interact with the young developers themselves! Visit us online at a recording of the presentation on Wednesday, December 16, 2020 from 8:00 to 12:00.

Time Project Description
08:00 Introduction Welcome and Introduction! Video recording of Open House.
08:15 TravellAR  Multiplayer creation/exploration of fantastic landscapes in augmented reality.
08:33 MinigolfAR Augmented reality mini golf game with simulated physics.
08:51 Eye in the Sky Multiplayer augmented reality adventure game on tablets and desktops.
09:24 Kapl'AR Augmented reality Jenga game on a smartphone.
09:42 VDungeon Facial expressions on role playing game avatars on a desktop game.
10:00 Tangible Tactics Tablet-based tower defense game with 3D-printed touchscreen control.  
10:33 bARpong Augmented reality beer pong game.
10:51 Private I.s Private Investigators, a mixed reality multiplayer urban mystery solving game.
11:24 MRlin Multiplayer gesture-based spell casting game.
11:42 StellAR Augmented reality creation and exploration of simulated planetary systems.
12:00 Closing remarks
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