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AGI21 Open House

KTH invites you to experience the future of interaction in virtual, augmented and mixed reality (VR AR XR). Explore the projects created by the students of Advanced Graphics and Interaction at the Visualization Studio VIC. The projects include multiplayer AR challenges, music creation on tabletops, 3D modeling in VR, light interaction on tabletops and creating magic spells in VR. Most impressive, come and interact with the young developers themselves! Visit us all at the Visualization Studio VIC on Friday, December 17, 2021 from 15:00 to 19:00.


In the shadows

In the shadows is a cooperative AR challenge in which the first user is tasked to move their avatar to a target position on the play area while avoiding direct light. The second user is tasked to move the light source in order to provide shade for the first players avatar. 

Don't Mine the Lava

What would it be like to play a computer game without touching electronic devices? In the assymetrical game Don't Mine the Lava, one "player" controls a game character using mouse and keyboard to navigate a world filled with rising lava. 

Burger Overflow

Looking for a way to make your advertising campaign more unique and memorable? Burger Overflow is a tech demo of how a potential customer could play a mini-game on digital advertising billboards using their own phone to earn a discount for a meal.


The MacroPhighters game shows you the day in the life of a Macrphage, your goal is to use your phone and AR to prevent bacteria from a wound to reach the blood stream of your host.


A revised take on the card duelling games, ATTACK! replaces the ordinary table with a computer screen showing you the battles in real time as you play your cards.


oVRseer stretches the asymmetrical user experience to the limit combining the experiences of a VR-player, an AR-player and a traditional mouse, keyboard and traditional screen player in a cat and mouse like game.

Oh Bouy

Steering a small sailboat via steering wheel in VR or controlling the wind on a map? Oh Buoy allows you to try each activity as you cooperate to navigate the lakes and experience the freedom of the open sea.

Here be Dragons

Here be Dragons allows you to bring your pet dragon with you in your phone . Through the magic of augmented reality you can see your dragon and it's home in any environment.

Second projects, developed with a tighter timeframe but the students now have had the the experience to handle it.

How does light and colours work. Lightenize helps you learn additive colour combinations in an Augmented Reality world. Additive colour combinations don't always seem natural since we're more used to subtractive colour combinations.

Virtual Laboratory

Who doesn't like to play with fire and colour. Virtual Laboratory gives a VR user the chans to burn different salts and see how the salts affect the colouring of the flame.

Another Planet

How does gravity affect the objects around you? What would it look like if those objects were in a high or low gravity environment?Another Planet lets you step into a Virtual Reality where you can experience the gravity on The moon or Mars.


ClimateArt is an AR project that allows users to see how different energy harvesting methods affect the environment. Place solar, wind, coal and other power plants in the environment to genereate power, but also place trees.  However, one user is not allone in an environment and thus other users can work at the same time simulating less than ideal experimental conditions.


Connected is an immersive virtual electrical component workbench. Experience how connecting batteries, lamps, radios and other electrical components would look.

hARes and beARes

hARes and beARs simulates a limited complexity eco-system down to indiviual animals. To steer this AR simulation you can add different kinds of animals and see their effect on their environment. Move your phone to get a closer look of specifik parts of the environment. You can also interact with the individual animals by feeding or scaring them.


AnimaLand, very similar to hARes an beARs above this AR ecosystem simulator features different animals and uses the Unreal Engine as it's core giving it a very different look.

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