AGI22 @ Tekniska

Tekniska Museet

KTH AGI at Tekniska Museet

KTH and Tekniska Museet invite you to experience the future of interaction in virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) and tabletop interaction. Explore eight projects created by the students of Advanced Graphics and Interaction in the Visualization Studio VIC. The projects include live music performances in VR and IRL, collaborative VR maze solving, tabletop sheep herding, and VR space exploration. Most impressive, come and interact with the young developers themselves! Visit us all day on Tuesday November 1, 2022 at Tekniska Museet.

Through the Void Through the Void is a multiuser virtual and augmented reality outer space exploration experience of asymmetric collaboration.
Marball Marball is a tabletop interaction experience of advancing a virtual ball through a maze using real gravity and virtual magnetism.
Circus Cannon Circus Cannon is an augmented reality experience of guiding a cannonball through a virtual 3D obstacle course.
Room for Sound Room for Sound? is a virtual experience where a user performs live music to an audience in real life that send their feedback back to the VR through their phones.
Round Up Round Up is a tabletop augmented reality experience of herding and protecting sheep.
Party Popper Party Popper is a virtual reality experience of painting the walls by popping balloons. 
Light in the Dark Light in the Dark is a virtual reality experience of running through a dark dungeon while defending from scary beasts.
A-Maze A-Maze is a multiplayer asymmetric virtual reality and PC-based experience of solving a labyrinth with moving walls and incoming enemies. 
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