AGI23 Open House

Advanced Graphics and Interaction - Visualization Studio VIC Open House 2023.

KTH and InfraVis invite you to experience the future of interaction in virtual, augmented and mixed realities (VRAR and XR). Explore the projects created by the students of Advanced Graphics and Interaction in the Visualization Studio VIC. Come and interact with the young developers themselves! Visit us on Friday, December 15, 2023 from 15:00 to 19:00, at the Visualization Studio VIC (directions).

  • What: project demos in VR, AR, XR
  • When: Friday, December 15, 2023 from 15:00 to 19:00
  • Where: Visualization Studio VIC (directions)
  • Free entry
Cube's Traveler AGI23 project. The Cube’s Traveller is a cozy, cooperative puzzle game for two players immersed through smartphone and game controller interaction.
Bytes and Insights AGI23 project. Bytes and Insights is a wireless network learning experience in augmented reality.
coVRt AGI23 project. coVRt is a virtual reality collaborative experience between two players solving puzzles in a mysterious facility.
Twin Seas AGI23 Project. Twin Seas is an augmented reality experience where the player commands a pirate ship and battles monsters on the high seas.
skAI view AGI23 project. skAI view is a two-player asymmetrical collaborative combat experience in augmented and virtual reality.
Slime Lab AGI23 Project. The Slime Lab is a virtual reality experience of discovering the mixing properties of cute slime characters.
Submergency AGI23 Project. Submergency is an underwater virtual reality experience to see, up and close, ocean pollution.
Rolling Reactions AGI23 Project. Rolling Reactions is a virtual reality experience of simulating chemical reactions while moving on a wheel chair.
HoVRt HoVRt will allow you to ride a virtual hoverboard by steering a skateboard in an innovative form of mixed reality.
Pretend to be a bird in the project Flock, steer by leaning, gain altitude by flapping your "wings" and dive by folding your wings.
In Wildflier, two of you cooperate in operating a firefighting helicopter to extinguish forest fires.
Designed in the spirit of rhythm games like Guitar Hero, SpaceKeys unique take let's you control the game with your bare hands.
A bejeweled like two-player vs game, MotionDuel experiments with hand/body recognition.
SeaView Adding another dimention to Virtual Reality, Sea View incorporates physical artefacts into your virtual world by having a physical representation of a virtual pirate cannon.
Don't Blink Don't blink  or the angels will get you. Your computer watches your eyes intently and what happens when you're not looking is going to get you.
Peak Panic
The next step in carting games? Peak Panic lets a whole host of more than 10 people race downhill on a single screen, anyone with a smartphone can join.
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