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AGI15 ForskarFredag

Students of Advanced Graphics and Interaction will present the drafts of their projects to an open audience as a partial examination in the course.

ForskarFredag 2013

When: Friday, Sep 25, 9:00-15:00
WhereDebaser, Tunnelbanna Medborgarplatsen, 3th floor stage.
Who: Everyone is welcome!

What will happen?: Students will present their works-in-progress and elicit your critical feedback on their trip towards Comic Con Gamex fame and glory.

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Contact: Mario Romero

The six works-in-progress below were proposed on September 7 and will be presented on September 25, 2015.

TeamTris TeamTris is a 3D collaborative game inspired by Tetris where two players need to cooperate to control falling pieces to match and remove them using wii motes and two orthogonal 2D views.
BrARwl BrARwl is a multi player fighting game in augmented reality using mobile devices.
Mad Sand Mad Sand is a digital and physical interactive and collaborative game where players alter the topography of a landscape to allow team mates to collect candy.
Shmooning Shmooning is a first-person shooter Oculus game taking place on the lunar surface where the player survives an alien invasion by shooting at them.
Blopper Blopper is a virtual reality game with full 360° freedom of motion where the objective is to slash moving balloons with a physical toy weapon.
Padawan 101 Padawan 101 is virtual reality training ground for aspiring jedis defending laser-shooting enemies with a virtual lightsaber.