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AGI16 ForskarFredag

Students of Advanced Graphics and Interaction will present the drafts of their projects to an open audience as a partial examination in the course.

ForskarFredag 2013

When: Friday, Sep 30, 9:00-15:00
WhereDebaser, Tunnelbanna Medborgarplatsen, 3th floor stage.
Who: Everyone is welcome!

What will happen?: Students will present their works-in-progress and elicit your critical feedback on their trip towards Comic Con Gamex fame and glory.

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Contact: Mario Romero

havemercy.jpg Have Mercy is a maze traversing game where a player in virtual reality tries to complete objectives in a maze built on a touch screen, outside of virtual reality.
zield_cropped.jpg ZIELD is a G3D based virtual reality defense game where a player dodges from projectiles with shield, and tries to survive from palace.
cocar_cropped.jpg CocAR is a cooperative virtual reality driving game where one player drives a car in VR while the other player constructs the road ahead.
soundark_cropped.jpg SounDark is a virtual reality horror mazerunner. The player navigates by sound only, using their voice to emit visible soundwaves that are reflected in the environment.
towpow.jpg TowPow combines tabletop strategy and an immersive VR fighting experience where a hero is set on the battlefield to battle incoming enemies while the general keeps a strategic overview in order to reach success.
hoverbroom.jpg Hoverbroom is a broom flying VR simulator. The player controls a hoverbroom and flies around through an arena, trying to activate gates and fly through them to collect points.
pointystick_small.jpg Pointy Stick is a VR game where a master wizard is defending his tower from incoming enemies with powerful spells.
pokemondontgo.jpg PLAN Blocks is a VR game based on throwing objects and destroying blocks. It integrates a throw detection mechanism.
youaregod_cropped.jpg You are God, in VR, where you notice puny characters running around, as you start to mess with them you hear screams from outside the simulation...
thechosenones.jpg The Chosen One is a VR-game where you, as Neo, dodge waves of bullets using your whole body!