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AGI19 Open House

AGI19 Open House

KTH invites you to experience the future of interaction in virtual, augmented and mixed reality (VR AR XR). Explore the projects created by the students of Advanced Graphics and Interaction at the Visualization Studio VIC. The projects include multiplayer AR challenges, music creation on tabletops, 3D modeling in VR, light interaction on tabletops and creating magic spells in VR. Most impressive, come and interact with the young developers themselves! Visit us all at the Visualization Studio VIC on Friday, December 13, 2019 from 15:00 to 19:00.


DJ Table

DJTable is an exploratory collective audiovisual experience where users become music DJs and feel the thrill of mastering the beat with friends through interaction with physical icons, touch gestures, and visual output to the rhythm of the music.


SimMix is a collaborative 3D modelling software for virtual reality (VR) making strides in innovative professional tooling in the field of 3D modeling.


Lumen is an interactive puzzle solving game powered by Unity, where the objective is to hit a target with a laser with the help of placing physical objects on top of the interactive PixelSense screen.


Fintastic is an underwater virtual reality experience where you’re standing at the bottom of the ocean in an animated underwater scene with corals and fish. You can interact with the fish and catch them with a net!


Portals is a portal system created in a modern game engine as a development tool for developers to put gates between non-adjacent scenes (portals) into their games (as a game mechanic).


Williwaw explores sound and motion as interaction to create a multiplayer survival game on the ocean where you control the elements themselves.


Beta-Thunder invites you to a fully immersive multiplayer competitive dungeon crawling experience, using VR and a tablet.

Spell Waves

Spell Waves is a virtual reality wizard simulator where you draw arcane symbols in free air to unleash powerful spells against your opponents.

Reel In

Reel In is a VR game where the player can go fishing and enjoy the beautiful and relaxing nature from a rowing boat. Grab the rod and start fishing! How many fishes can you get?

For the courses second project constraints of both using Augmented Reality (AR) and having a theme of unsustainability was imposed on the projects.
Smog Central In Smog Central the user gets to try clear smog by using a physical toy fan to interact with the virtual world on a mobile device. 
SusTankability A two player game, SusTankability pits your tank against an opponents tank and will require you to use up natural resources for ammunition.
Age of Garb Try keeping the pesky cartoons from recycling their garbage by shooting paintballs at them in Age of Garb
Burn forest burn Two players compete in deforestation, having different motivations, the one who finishes first is crowned the victor. Burn forest burn reminds you that competition can lead to increased harm when the bigger picture gets lost.
Crappy christmas Crappy Christmas is an interactive experience in which you get to associate Christmas presents with a harsh albeit perhaps exaggerated cost of producing them.
Disasteroid In Disasteroid you are tasked with saving the planet by firing missiles at incoming asteroids, unfortunately the missiles are fossil fuel powered and thus emit carbon dioxide upon launch.
New clear thunder What would happen if every nuclear weapon on earth was launched to detonate at the same time? New clear thunder makes an attempt to simulate this while allowing you to observe from every possible angle.