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AGI18 Open House

AGI18 at ForskarFredag

KTH invites you to experience the future of interaction in virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR). Explore eleven projects created by the students of Advanced Graphics and Interaction at the Visualization Studio VIC. The projects include multiplayer AR challenges, music creation in VR, blowing a zeppelin in the air in front of you, producing movie sets in AR, stopping a monster attack in VR using phones in AR, and redirecting lasers in AR. Most impressive, come and interact with the young developers themselves! Visit us all at the Visualization Studio VIC on Friday December 14 2018 from 15:00 to 19:00.

Group Description
Projects 1
King of the Cube King of the Cube explores multiplayer augmented reality AR game play over a physical and virtual cube where players compete to reach the top.
beBeam AR Exploring the limitations of spatial awareness of mobile devises and AR, beBeam tasks the user with guiding a light beam from it's source to a target using virtual mirrors.
ZeppelinARe Exploring an innovative control interface, simply blow your ZeppelinARe away.
Harpmonics Try your hands at a virtual laser harp. Harpmonics opens up the possibility to freely play such an instrument and also has a competitive mode.
StoryboARding StoryboARding is an innovative idea to cut model and set creation costs by allowing for creation of virtual film sets and models in augmented reality. 
Plåtniklas By creating a bridge between Virtual Reality and Augmented reality, Plåtniklas has an asymmetric interaction between the VR player and the AR player. 
Projects 2
Mute Mike II Using your mobile device, Mute Mike II combines VR, a classical point and click adventure game and a mystery story. Try to figure out what happened.
VRstressed Feeling stressed? Imagine sitting comfortably on a jetty at the calm sea with your top priority is deciding on whether or not to pop that soap bubble gently falling in front of you. VRstressed gives you a virtual world to escape your every day hassles. 
Puzzl3d Puzzl3d, a 3D platform puzzle game in VR on your mobile device where "time stands still" if you do.
VR Warrior VR warrior combines mobile VR with gesture recognition to give the user magic powers, fighting off hoards of monsters.