Here is a first list of what we need to coordinate for Friday:
1. Printing posters (since printer is broken, we need to be creative (2 or 3 A3s))
2. Inventory of equipment checkout per group and assign inventory master per group. Cables have been our weakest link in the past.
3. Recruit at least one volunteer per group to help carry stuff (same person as inventory master makes sense)
4. Hire truck to carry us there. Mad Sand requires special attention!
5. Make sure everyone has everything they need.
6. Shirts? Björn?
7. Set up individual meeting times with each group in case they need it.
8. Make sure we have a camera with full battery and memory to document with photos and videos. I have a VIC camera at home which I must remember to bring as well as my own camera.
9. Communicate with CSC communication officer to make sure the event is covered.
Johanna Järnfeldt KOMMUNIKATÖR
10. Create a Social page with the project names and descriptions and, if they have them, links to their descriptions of the projects:…/course/DH2413/…/forskarfredag-2015/
communicator will need this page to distribute, so this is high priority!
11. Recruit volunteer for the return trip to be responsible for inventory and carrying things.
12. Help students manage their presentation schedules. This is very important: ONLY 3 students per group at most on stage at any one stage. We need to free up as much space as possible. The 3 students are the presenter, the observer, and the enquirer.