5. Final words

The aim of this Guide to challenge driven education is to provide support and inspiration to both university teachers and societal collaboration partners in their effort to create and to develop challenge driven education. We have identified a number of aspects that need to be considered when creating or developing a challenge based course, i.e. a) how to design the course and define project tasks, b) how to set up the student teams and how to support them in their team work, and c) how to assess the project work and the solutions the students come up with. In all of these areas, there are several possible options to choose between. Our aim of the guide is to describe a few of the options available, rather than implying that there is one best way to do it. The conditions vary and each situation has its own circumstances that you have to consider when designing or developing a course.

Hopefully, you can use the guide and all the examples, options and suggestions we offer as an inspiration. Please let us know how your work with challenge driven education evolves, then we can share experiences and learn from each other.To share your experience with us, please contact us or use the possibility to give us comments on these web pages. As much as challenge driven education may appear demanding from the less experienced teacher’s perspective, as much will it be rewarding through the enthusiasm and creativity that those courses release.

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