1.4.d Bachelor’s Level Project Course in Electronic Design

first cycle, third year – 9 credits

The aim of the course is to give the student skills to participate in and conduct a practical electronics design project. Engineers need to be able to integrate skills and knowledge from different courses within the programme and it is also expected that they are able to construct a product or prototype from a given, not completely finished, specification of requirement, both as participant and as a project manager. To manage this, there is need for acquiring new information and knowledge. The project work will be to construct a prototype fulfilling certain requirements. The work will be performed in groups of 5-10 participants and presented orally and written. The students are very much involved in searching for and defining interesting and challenging projects, preferably from a specific need in a research area or a clinical situation.

This is one of the last courses for the student and in a way summarises the whole programme, or at least parts of it. In this project they can reach further than in the exam work due to the number of participants. Example of projects include, “EMG-driven hand prosthesis”, “Radio controlled robot with carrying ability”, “Digitally controlled insulin syringe”, “Impedance meter to be used on physiological tissue”,  “Acetone detector for diabetes patients”, and “ECG amplifier with heart rate calculation”.

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