1.4.b Master’s Level Project Course in Communication Systems Design

second cycle, fifth year – 15, 24 or 30 credits

The course implements problem based learning driven by projects. By solving "real-world" problems in project teams, the students will learn advanced technology issues and at the same time become aware of many other aspects than technical which are relevant to problem solving, design, teamwork, project management and to taking technology to the market.

Besides the problem based, project driven approach, the course includes a set of methods facilitating learning, including peer learning, to learn from other team members, vicarious learning, to exploit experiences from earlier offerings of the course and bench learning, to learn from the best existing solutions to similar problems and the problem solvers behind them. The students work in teams of five-six students.

The objective of the course is to offer students an opportunity to learn about advanced emerging technologies and the associated market and business development by working in teams together with other students from different programs and a few from different universities, an interdisciplinary teaching team and representatives from industry in projects where specialist knowledge from different disciplines is blended. We will create an advanced, demanding, fast-paced, comprehensive, and inspiring learning environment. The course is for anyone who likes to work in a context where the rule is: Teach others and learn from others, fellow participants in the course as well as those that have done similar work previously in similar or other contexts. This course is not for those who like stability, predictability and pre-scheduled courses where the teachers have all the right answers.

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