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Information ahead of the autumn 2017 semester

Archiving of Bilda

KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) is terminating its Bilda system agreement with Ping Pong. The termination comes into effect on 31 Dec 2017. To replace Bilda, KTH is implementing Canvas. The School of Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM) holds courses in this. If you have any questions, please contact Anna Jerbrant, director of first-cycle courses and study programmes (GA).

A public authority such as KTH has a responsibility to archive various types of documents/outcomes. There are also rules on how long it is before such materials can be disposed of.

KTH has now procured an archive licence. As this gives all of us access to the materials for three years, we have more time to analyse what has been saved in Bilda and if it needs to be archived for a longer period. The items that have to be saved for a long period are detailed in KTH’s document management plan. Unless otherwise stated, this latter constitutes the public authority’s decision on disposal.

We will be returning to this subject when we have received more information from KTH/University Administration (UF).

Examination rules at KTH


In 2013, KTH implemented scanning of examination papers. Ahead of this, there had been a general mapping out of the examination situation at KTH’s course-giving units. This mapping out showed: wide variations in examination administration; various interpretations of the examination regulations; and, differences in examination invigilators’ implementation and practical handling of written examinations. Around 100,000 students a year sit examination papers at KTH. There are also several partial examinations that have the same format as standard examinations and are handled in the same way.

As the steering documents did not meet the need for clear guidance in the various situations that arise in current written examination sittings, the need for a review of examination rules at KTH was palpable. Proposals for new examination rules were finalised in March 2017 and were then circulated for comment to the GA group and the education committee. The issue was prepared in the education committee on 8 Mar 2017 and 10 May 2017. Statements from the education committee have been taken into consideration in the new proposal currently under consideration.

In the autumn 2017 semester, ITM will be implementing examination rules developed in line with the above. The school’s director of studies group will be supplementing KTH’s examination rules from an ITM perspective.

We will be returning with more information on this in the autumn 2017 semester.

I wish you all a wonderful, sunny summer!

/Christina Carlsson, Head of administration

GA blog post

Finally we have reached the end of the spring semester after a very intense period. The last couple of weeks my time has been filled with both examination, research conferences and the graduation ceremony for masters, masters of engineering and architects in the City Hall. The graduation ceremony was a new experience for me, and during this ceremony the presentation of the diplomas to each graduate was mixed with musical entertainment by the KTH academic orchestra conducted by director musices Gunnar Julin and the student choir. It was a very impressive and an incredible nice arrangement, I really appreciated the opportunity to present and congratulate all of ITMs graduates 🙂

But I have also, as probably most of you, put a lot of time the last couple of weeks on grading, for example master thesis projects. I really think supervising master thesis projects is a rewarding teaching effort, since these students are almost finished with their education and therefore are ready to apply all parts of it. It’s thrilling to be able to see the students execute this in a satisfactory way.

Finally, some educational issues being discussed at KTH tight now. For instance; there is a lot of discussions on how to enhance the quality assurance process (course evaluations and analyses), what the content of the program analysis should be, and off course the shift from Bilda till Canvas. Hope you all have attended a workshop and feel prepared for teaching with the help of Canvas as of this fall semester.

But before we all start to think about the fall I want to wish you all a Glad Midsommar and hope you have a nice vacation.

/ Anna Jerbrant, GA

Summer is approaching

On Thursday June 15 at 13.00 the ITM School has a joint Faculty Club and Summer celebration in M1. The main focus of the Faculty Club is to discuss the first draft of the KTH Development plan 2018-2023. You all have the draft now attached to the calendar invitation in your e-calendar. By the way, this seems like a good time to remind us all about a previously announced ITM policy:

  • All employees should use the Outlook calendar for planning time, and the calendar should be open (for time slots, but not content) within ITM.

As we all know, KTH is currently subject to a quite substantial reorganization and the first reports are as earlier announced available here . In the case of integrating CSC, ICT and EES the first report outlines two different solutions, one of which implies a transition to two schools rather than the proposed one-school alternative. It seems however that our president will go for the one-school solution.

During the spring, an up-to-date slide presentation of the ITM-school has been prepared. It is available for all to download here. After the summer it will be complemented by short department presentations as well.

Summer is approaching and times are hectic in terms of correcting exams, reporting results, performing course analyses and graduating PhDs. After this hectic period I would like to wish all ITM co-workers a nice summer and relaxing holidays.

On Thursday June 15 at 13.00 (starting with the Faculty Club) we will celebrate our efforts with some prize ceremonies, some School information and certainly mingle and refreshments!

/Jan Wikander, Dean of School