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Europe goes Critical (EUROCRIT)

This is an international collaboration involving researchers from Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. The aim is to put the current debate on infrastructures vulnerability in a historical and international perspective, by studying how the infrastructure has been built together across national boundaries and how this has given rise to new forms of mutual dependence and shared vulnerability. Within this project we will implement a subproject focusing on natural gas with the title "trusting the enemy." EUROCRIT is one of four collaborative projects in a so-called EUROCORES program entitled "Inventing Europe: technology and the Making of Europe, 1850 to the present".

Project leader: Arne Kaijser

Participants at the Division: Per Högselius, Arne Kaijser, Anna Atkins

Funding agency: Research Council, the European Science Foundation

Period:  2007-2010