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From Computing Machines to IT

"From Computing Machines to IT: Collecting, Documenting and Preserving Source Material on Swedish IT-History" is a large-scale project to document Swedish IT-history and the performing of its actors. That the first generation of Swedish IT-actors, with their unique memories, are on the course of passing away, accentuates the urgency of the project.

The main objective of the project is to create, collect, preserve and make source material on Swedish IT-history available in the form of knowledge outlines, interviews, witness seminars, autobiographies and object biographies. This material is administered and made available by registration in existing databases and through publication of processed material in print and on the web. The work is done in accordance with scholarly methods and criteria, so that the results of the project can be used in future historical research in different disciplines.

From Computing Machines to IT intends to map the time 1950—80 during a two-year period. The project is a collaboration between The Swedish Computer Society, The Dept. of History of Science and Technology at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and The National Museum of Science and Technology. The general organization of the project and the choice of methods is the product of a two-year long cooperation between these three parties.

The researchers involved in the project are: Isabelle Dussauge, Mirko Ernkvist, Jan af Geijerstam, Johan Gribbe, Kajsa Klein, Sofia Lindgren, Per Lundin, Mikael Nilsson, Anna Orrghen, Julia Peralta, Gustav Sjöblom, Björn Thodenius. Per Lundin is Research leader for this group.

Belongs to: Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment
Last changed: Dec 15, 2007