A cultural heritage of movements in the north of Sweden

The Swedish mountain landscape has great significance, culturally, ecologically and economically. It is also a major cultural and natural heritage.

This project will underline the importance of movement in understanding the mountain landscape. The Swedish mountain range is a landscape of movement. It has been shaped by Sami life for centuries, but also through hunting, fishing, outdoor life, tourism, sports, science.

The movement heritage, in terms of paths, skiing tracks, hiking trails etc. has shaped the understaning of the mountain landscape. The project will investigate how these landscapes of movement can contribute to a sustainable development in the mountain landscape.

Project leader: Sverker Sörlin

Participants at the Division: Sverker Sörlin, Daniel Svensson

Funding agency: Naturvårdsverket, Riksantikvarieämbetet

Duration: 2014

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Belongs to: Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment
Last changed: Nov 01, 2016