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Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter!

Open Days at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

This is an opportunity for prospective students to get answers to all their questions about KTH and to meet students, lecturers and study advisers for undergraduate programmes. KTH will be providing drop-in study advice, walking tours of the campus and seminars. There will be active participation from study advisers at ITM (School of Industrial Engineering and Management).

KTH Campus, 3rd April 12.00pm-4.00pm and 4th April 2.00pm-6.00pm, at 3-5 Lindstedtsvägen Street and 4 Drottning Kristinas Väg Street. Open Day at KTH Södertälje is on 6th April.

ITM Office of Student Affairs

During the spring term, the Office of Student Affairs has been understaffed for a variety of reasons including leave and sickness absence. We have now arranged for temporary support to help stabilise the situation while we wait for our colleagues to return full-time.

I’d like to thank all my colleagues who have had to carry a heavy burden during the first few months of the year and whose input has been over and above what would normally have been expected.

Working in an open environment where we see students on a daily basis means that we see some students who are in a very distressed state. As we sometimes find ourselves in threatening situations, we have started reviewing security in the Office. In really volatile situations we have occasionally introduced security guards.

We must of course continue to have an open door, since the whole point of our existence is to provide services and guidance to students and lecturers.

However, we will be reviewing our working environment and ensuring that we make it as safe as we possibly can.


Christina, Head of Administration

The ITM basic values, a new education program, a new kind of centre

Two weeks ago ITM handed in our application for a new BSc in Engineering program to the Faculty council. This new program within the area of industrial maintenance and reliability is the second new program to be established as a result of our extensive developments in Södertälje. The final naming of the program is not decided yet but is investigated by an external consultancy bureau through an extensive survey to high-school students in Sweden. The idea is of course to find a name which attracts youngsters – both women and men – and which describes the program content in a fair and true way.

Another exciting development is the establishment of a new type applied research centre in cooperation with Fraunhofer in Germany and RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden. This new centre will initially be hosted by the Department of Production Engineering but is supposed to create links also to other departments of ITM. The short name is PMH Application Lab and the full name is Powertrain Manufacturing for Heavy Vehicles Application Lab. The basic idea is to engage with Fraunhofer and RISE to establish an applied research centre similar to how Fraunhofer operates in Germany with close links and extensive mobility between the institute and the hosting university. We also believe that this centre will strengthen our position as a European research partner. The particular topic of powertrain manufacturing is of course related to the fact that the Mälardalen region represents about 10% of the total world-wide production of heavy vehicle powertrains.

As announced in my last blog, ITM held last week the annual leadership conference with about 50 participants. Among a number of interesting topics the whole leadership agreed on the ITM basic values. These values are given below (in Swedish) and will soon be translated also to English and published on our intranet.

ITM:s värdegrund

ITM har en värdegrund baserad på

  • demokrati, människors lika värde, mänskliga fri- och rättigheter samt en fri och öppen diskussion. Jämställdhet mellan kvinnor och män samt avståndstagande från alla former av diskriminering är både en kvalitetsfråga och en arbetsmiljöfråga, och därmed en självklar del av ITM:s värdegrund.
  • likabehandling när det gäller rättigheter, villkor, möjligheter och skyldigheter oavsett etnisk tillhörighet, nationalitet, kön, könsidentitet eller könsuttryck, religion eller annan trosuppfattning, funktionsnedsättning, social bakgrund, sexuell läggning eller ålder.

En viktig utgångspunkt för ITM:s fortsatta utveckling är

  • övertygelsen att mångfald, jämställdhet och likabehandling är viktigt för att utveckla ITM till en attraktiv och framgångsrik arbetsplats där alla ges förutsättningar att utvecklas och bidra till goda resultat.
  • övertygelsen att utbildning och forskning kan och ska bidra till bättre levnadsbetingelser och till en fredlig samhällsutveckling som uppfyller kraven om ekologisk, social och ekonomisk hållbarhet. Som ingående i ett tekniskt universitet har ITM ett särskilt ansvar för att utveckla kunskap som behövs för att främja en sådan hållbar utveckling.

/Jan Wikander, Dean of School

Recruitments of new faculty and your valuable input to the organization!

As you know from my previous blogs, the recruitment of new faculty members is a time consuming task that needs good planning. Here, it is clear that most of us think that everybody knows a lot more about what we do, than is true in the reality. Thus, it is extremely important that we prepare applications for the recruitment of new faculty that clearly describes their place in the organization as well as their tasks in a pedagogic manner. We are not fully there yet but we have taken some major steps towards that direction. For example, we have defined some key numbers of estimating how many faculty members we can “afford to have” in different departments.

I also want to give you an update on the recruitments of new faculty members. On March 8 the ITM school presented 8 new faculty positions at the KTH faculty council. As a comparison, the remaining schools at KTH presented three positions all together. So it is clear that we have a larger demand for finding new faculty compared to the rest of KTH. The following new positions were presented for the Faculty Council:

  • Lecturer in leadership and business development (TMT)
  • Assistant Professor in Industrial Dynamics with focus on innovation and business models for a circular economy (INDEK)
  • Industrial Marketing with Specialization in E-Commerce (INDEK)
  • Associate Professor in Crystallization Processes (MSE)
  • Assistant Professor in Powder Metallurgy (MSE)
  • Assistant Professor in Materials Design with Focus on Additive Manufacturing (MSE)
  • Assistant Professor in Mechatronics with a focus on robotic design (MMK)
  • Assistant Professor in Renewable Energy (EGI)

Next the employment profiles of these positions will be scrutinized carefully, before they will be advertised. Here, we hope for a large number of applications from talented candidates.

This week an important survey was sent out to all employees at ITM. In Swedish it is called “medarbetarundersökning (MUS)”, which it is a survey regarding how you as an employee can express your individual opinions regarding your situation at work. I would strongly encourage you all to fill out this survey form, since this is an excellent way for you to give a feedback to the management. We look very seriously on these results. Specifically, we try to analyze good and bad parts. The bad parts we will initiate task groups to start improvements. As you know, as a result of previous surveys we have initiated many groups focusing on improving the working environment in the school with respect to chemicals, fire prevention etc. I should also mention that we are preparing a survey for scholarship students to be distributed separately.

So before you take your break to enjoy the sunny spring weather this weekend, please spend 10-20 minutes to fill out the employee survey. It is very important for us to know YOUR opinion !!!!!!

/Pär Jönsson, Vice Dean